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Our Story

A fusion of western design principles with the Arabic language and Middle-Eastern culture

Halo Printworks was born during the challenging days of the COVID-19 lockdowns. While staying connected with loved ones relied heavily on social media and communication platforms, sending greeting cards to her loved ones was the obvious solution to graphic designer Hala Gebran. Starting with handmade and meticulously designed cards, each personalized for the recipient, this endeavor aimed to fill the void created by the limitations of digital communication. Hala believes that nothing equals a unique card to mark a special occasion, elevate the ritual of gifting and make someone’s day.

Based in Dubai, the heart of the Arab world, Hala also noticed a distinct lack of diverse and culturally rich Arabic-inspired greeting cards in the market. This observation greatly influenced the design direction of Halo Printworks, inspiring the incorporation of common Arabic words into their cards. Each card, adorned with beautiful artwork, includes the message in Arabic, its English translation and phonetics. It serves as a bridge that connects individuals across cultures and languages, enabling them to share meaningful moments in a unique and thoughtful way. The company’s mission is to introduce non-Arabic speakers to common Arabic words in a creative and engaging way.

Furthermore, Halo Printworks is committed to environmental responsibility, incorporating greeting cards using recyclable paper, paired with their signature Kraft envelopes. By merging sustainability with cultural enrichment, they encourage consumers to make eco-conscious choices while fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Halo Printworks represents a harmonious blend of personalization and cultural enrichment, shaped by the unique model and landscape of Dubai.